At Blue cattle dog boxing we have been providing great weight loss results to our members for over 22 years in the fitness industry 






Get Fit learn the sweet science of boxing in cambridge park, we offer boxing fitness class & technical boxing class personal training & 21 day body transformation.


There’s a reason why most personal trainers & boot camp instructors run boxing fitness workouts - it gets results!


When you look at the perfect athlete, chances are you thinking of a world class boxer. Boxers are the epitome of fitness. Visualise a boxer: rippling muscles with a low bodyfat percentage.


I think every body would be delighted to have a boxer’s physique. You can get great results from a boxing for fitness workout because you are building lean muscle & increasing the metabolism, thus lowering bodyfat. As we know, lean muscle burns more calories. 


fitness boxing boosts confidence in both men and women. Being strong, stable on your feet, having quick reactions, excellent balance, and killer stamina, are all traits that make us feel in control and ready to take on any challenge.


If you’re ready to progress to a new level of athleticism, then fitness boxing is the activity that will take you there..