At Last a  Ladies only Boxing Fitness Class That's Fun & Cost Effective.


 Do you feel: 

  • Low on energy ?

  • Have trouble losing weight ?

  • You are time poor ? 

  • Would you like to lose a few kilos & tone up ?

  • Would you like to protect yourself from life threatening diseases ?

  • Would you like to improve your self confident ?

We are sure that you answered YES to all of those questions.


How would you FEEL if you could:

  • Have more energy.

  • Drop a dress size. 

  • tone & tighten your body. 

  • Improved self confidence.

  • Lose weight

  • Have Fun while getting fit.

With our 21 body transformation challenge we will supply all the information, motivation and training you will need to get the best results.

There will be nutritional advice and motivation made available for you to help you achieve the best result you desire.

Below is a list of what you will receive.


  • Two  fitness classes per week  for 3 weeks valued $140

  • Access to over 30 pages of Nutritional advice valued at $150

  • Access to our VIP FB page 

  • Total value $290.

       You pay only $60.

The winner will receive $60 who loses the most weight in Kgs, if it is a draw the winner will be decided by attendance.  


We have set up a special boxing fitness program designed to burn calories especially for the challenge. These  exercises gives you the assurance that a slow metabolism will be fired up, 



There will be nutritional information at our special Facebook VIP  page for your disposal to help boost your metabolism, blast off the kilos and support lean muscle.



All through the Challenge you will be taught more about nutrition and exercise from our expert trainers on how to exercise and eat correctly.



We are here to help , you will have access to me via our special VIP Facebook page , email or phone where I will be available to answer questions and give professional support.


     So How Much Does This Cost ?


Two days of training per week  either Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday 7pm .

for 3 weeks cost only  $60 total for the 21 day challenge that works out to be  only $10 per class. 


Cambridge valley sports stadium .  30 Herbert st Cambridge Park.


Weigh in & first class   7pm-7.45pm.  23/03/20.

classes run for 45 minutes. 

New ladies only class limited numbers to only 20 per class.

We want to help the local community lose weight & get fit thats why its so affordable.


We must have at least 10 adults to run the challenge or we will cancel it .


In our classes because of insurance and we don't offer a creche or supervision for children. Children under the age of 12 can not be present unless a parent is fully supervising them.

"Thank you so much Garry and Xavier for all the effort that you put into every single one of us during your 21 day challenges. Without Blue cattle boxing I would probably be 10 kgs heavier. Instead today I celebrated losing 10.1kg since joining, something that seemed impossible from the very first class. Keep smashing goals everyone". Tracey


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