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Life Coaching 

Garry Wasson has worked as a sports motivator & life coach with great success, working  with Australia champion  athletes & coaches  to improve their mindset, covering :

How to overcome fear; 

Develop a 'winners mindset';

Improve your self confidence,

How to overcome nerves. 


"I was in a low point in my Boxing career, struggling with self doubt and making weight.

Garry Wasson turned everything around and helped me realize my abilities but most of all, self belief and confidence. Through Garry’s coaching and motivational techniques I went on to win state, national and Oceania gold medals.

it was a truly life changing experience to cross this mans path,  I can attribute the skills he has taught me to becoming successful not only in sport, but also in my life, 25 years on". Rodd Hanns.

"Back in the Early 1990s I was coaching in a gym in Sydney and at that time I had been a coach for about 12 years and coached several state and national champions, there was a promising boxer in the gym that showed potential to go a long way and in his weight division was the raining Australian boxing  champion.

 I knew physically and technically the boy in our gym was capable of beating him but my doubts were mentally, at that time Garry Wasson was training in our gym and offered his assistance".


"I honestly believe without Garry’s help preparing him and assisting me in his corner he would have lost focus and not won, but he did and went on to win the state, National and Oceania  boxing gold medals".

"Since then, I have shared the book Garry had wrote (The Positive Mental Attitude)  with athletes I have took to state, national, world championships, commonwealth Games and Olympic Games which has helped making a big impact in performance".

I am now coaching in the Philippine’s and have also shared the book with some of the athletes over here one being the current World 57kg female Champion.


Don Abnett

Director of Coaching Philippine’s        

                                                                 Garry Wasson , Rodd Hanns,  & Coach Don Abnett

Life coaching 

A life coach can help you articulate your goals, identify the obstacles that hold you back, and then propose strategies to overcome each obstacle. At  life coaching NSW, we find out first what area(s) in your life you would like to improve, and then work with you to develop a plan & help you achieve your goals,  such as:


Building Confidence;

Getting out of a rut ;

Goal setting;          

Becoming Motivated ;                 

Weight loss;

Improving your self esteem.


Service mode and delivery

We deliver our services via zoom, face to face or by phone.  We can meet or come to you at a mutually agreeable time to assess and respond to your needs.

You may opt for as little as a 30 minute session or longer, depending on your needs.  We offer an initial complimentary 15 minute telephone call to discuss your personal circumstances and decipher your needs and goals.

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