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7 Tips to Burn more Calories at Home

If you use these simple techniques, you can burn calories at home.

1. When you wake up in the morning. A small amount of exercise is a great way to get your body ready for the day. In just 10 minutes, first warm up & stretch try a few sets of squats, crunches, and pushups. You don’t need any equipment to do these simple exercises.

2. Increase your heart rate for 1 minute. If you can raise your heart rate for 1 minute multiple times per day, you can easily burn at least 300 calories. Simple ways to raise your heart rate include, doing a few squats, walk up & down the steps or jog in one place.

3. Lunchtime. Walk fast to your lunch spot or the shops instead of driving.

4. Sit on the floor. While watching television, try sitting on the floor instead of going straight for the couch. When you sit on the floor, your body utilises more muscles including your core muscles to keep you upright. You also use more muscles when you stand up.

5. Make mundane tasks last longer. By extending simple tasks, you can burn more calories. For example, instead of collecting all of your grocery bags from the car, carry them in one at a time. Or, consider parking further away from the entrance of shops, so you walk longer.

6. Family exercise. Take your dog for a daily walk and/or walk with your family taking a different route. Walking is a great workout for your cardio & your dog will love it.

7. Set the alarm on your phone. Your phone can be a great reminder tool to burn more calories. Set an alarm for every thirty minutes to remind you to get up and move, or set your Fitbit/pedometer to remind you to move more frequently. Not only will you burn calories, but you’ll also keep your body in better shape for longer.

By implementing these simple 7 tips each day, you can burn an increased number of calories. When combining these activities with a healthy and balanced diet, you can get your body to a place of health and vitality.

Garry Wasson copyright 2020.

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