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Fighters mindset

Updated: Jan 24

Book review for Positive Mental Attitude in 2000 from blitz magazine vol.14. no 9.

NO matter how many fights you have won or the level of the opponent without a positive mental attitude you will never perform at your best.

You have been training for your next fight, your thoughts (how you think about the fight) will develop your emotion (how to feel about the fight) which will help or hinder the outcome of the fight. Emotions are trigged by your thoughts. When stepping into the ring if your thoughts are negative you will have a negative emotion that will be a major factor in the fight says author of positive mental attitude Garry Wasson.

A fighter, of any level, with a strong positive thought will have positive emotions, prompt reactions from their muscles and quicker reflexes which will have an influence on the outcome of the fight.

When going into a fight you will always have a sense of fear. Unknown to most fear has a positive effect on your mind and body. Your lungs will relax so you can receive more oxygen into your bloodstream your pupils will enlarge for better focus and your liver will release stored glucose for an extra burst of energy and your external blood vessels will constrict so more blood is available to the brain, arms and legs so you are ready for action.

When preparing for an important fight, most fighters use visualisation, by visualising in a relaxed state your brain waves are slower and you are in the most suggestive state of mind. Visualise at the speed it will occur and see it through your own eyes.

On the day of the fight, repeat positive affirmations that can place you in the right frame of mood when fighting. If you think to yourself, I will perform at my best ability your mind will assist you in performing at your best.

Before stepping into the ring, you need to work on your optimal arousal level. Sometimes you need to be relaxed and calm and other times you need to be psyched up and focused. Everyone is different and you need to find what suits you best. This can be done by relaxing and remembering your best performance and how you felt during this time.

Last but not least, never go into a fight without a game plan, always know what you are going to do. Instead of going into a fight and saying “I hope i win “Follow your game plan and think “if I do this and this, I know I will perform at my best ability. Fighters who have goals and a game plan to implement are more successful because they have a blueprint on how to win the fight.

Copyright 2000. Blitz Magazine.

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