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Updated: Jan 24

There are lots of exercises and workouts which has made losing weight enjoyable and achievable. But some makes weight losing more attainable within a short period of time.

Exercises like swimming, bootcamp, walking etc helps to reduce weight but boxing training without actually getting into a boxing competition also helps to reduce weight fast.

Boxing Training aids weight loss in the following ways:

Body Toning:

Punching a heavy punching bag requires a lot of stamina and strength and it also involves movement of all parts of the body and a balanced footwork. While other workout focus on certain parts of the body or muscles, Boxing Training focuses on all parts of the body at the same time.

Enhances Strength:

Boxing training helps you strengthen all your core muscles. It also flattens your stomach and burn off belly fat. This is very effective in training your abdominal muscles.

Improves Cardiovascular Health:

Boxing training helps you burn excess fats and keeps your heart working steadily and efficiently. The moderate amount of stress put on your heart and lungs by boxing training helps them to work harder and enhances blood circulation.

Stress Release:

It is well known that a stressed filled body will gain weight easily due to tiredness which will result in over-sleeping, eating and drinking excessively. Boxing training is a good way of releasing stress and tension which in the process helps you avoid adding unwanted weight.

Boxing Training helps you cope with stressful situations. It helps you release endorphins which helps you improve your mood and make you feel happier. Also, boxing pad work can help you release negative pent up energy and emotions you have been bottling up within you. By the time you are through, you feel refreshed and good.

Good Sleep:

Boxing Training will leave you exhausted which makes you sleep better without the help of sleeping pills and sleeping aids. By the time you wake up, you are more refresh and ready to take on a new day.

Increase Agility:

The more weight you lose, the more agile you become. Boxing Training involves doing a combination of footwork drills and punches. This requires you thinking on your feet and moving with the speed of light. The more boxing training you do, the more agile you become.

Improves Neurological Coordination:

Boxing Training increases eye-hand coordination which is important in your fine and complex motor skills. A good eye and hand coordination tend to help you move and react faster. It also helps to have a better physical coordination. Your reflexes and reactions become quicker.

Garry Wasson is head coach of Blue Cattle Dog Boxing . 2018 copyright.

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