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How your body reacts with regular boxing training.

Boxing for fitness makes your brain work at optimal levels. Boxing training also improves your focus & concentration and it also makes your skin look and feel clearer. Your mood will also improve and you will also sleep better at night.

Boxing for fitness helps the body in many different ways – both indirectly and directly. Here is a brief look at the benefits of boxing training.

Boxing for fitness helps to grow your muscles.

When your training your body will become stronger and your muscles will grow. Your heart will start to pump more blood to your muscles. The body has many different types of muscles including cardiac muscles and skeletal muscles. When you exercise, your motor neutrons will be activated and your muscles will contract better. This means that even if you are not very big, you will still be able to lift more weights.

Repair and replace damaged muscle fibers .

After boxing your body will repair or even replace damaged muscle fibers. This is one of the key benefits of exercise. When this happens, it helps to create muscle growth which happens whenever the synthesis of muscle protein is greater than the rate at which the muscles break down.

Boxing helps to reduce body fat.

Boxing also enables you to lose body fat. This is because exercising allows you to burn calories in greater amount than they were consumed. The more extra calories you are able to burn through exercise, the more the body fat in your body comes down. It therefore pays to combine the right diet with exercising as together they can bring down your body fat and also make you feel healthier. What you need to aim for is maximum body fat loss and minimal muscle loss. Only then will you experience the true benefits of boxing.

Reduce stress by boxing.

Boxing also allows you to reduce stress. In fact, boxing is a wonderful stress reliever. The more active you are, the greater the number of feel-good endorphins is released and not only does this reduce stress but also it distracts you from your day-to-day worries. Whether you are boxing training in the form of aerobic or anaerobic activity you can reduce stress through all forms of boxing training.

Reducing stress is one of the key benefits of boxing.

The reason for this is first of all, it helps to release more endorphins and second, it brings meditation into motion. Once you exercise for a given length of time, you will forget your worries and you will also concentrate & focus better.

When your daily tensions go away, you will be more focused on a given task and that means you will feel more energetic and optimistic. This translates into reduced stress.

Boxing also help to reduce stress by making you feel better. Your mood will improve and you will also feel more self-confident. The best part is exercises help to reduce symptoms of mild depression and anxiety. It therefore makes sense for you to make exercising work as a stress reliever for you.

Garry wasson is director of excel self defence & head trainer of Blue Cattle Dog

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