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Improve your boxing workout with a positive mental attitude

Updated: Jan 24

Boxing training to lose weight is more than turning up to our 21 day challenge. There’s a mental aspect which is often overlooked. You need to prepare your mind for your workout ahead as much as your body. The mind navigates your body.

It’s your mindset more than your muscles that determines whether you’ll stick to a consistent schedule. If you want to reap the benefits of a great boxing workout, develop a positive mental attitude to overcome mental barriers to exercise.

Building Confidence:

  1. Take a first step. Block out time to train twice a week. The hardest part of boxing training is turning up. Once you manage to get in your car & drive to our boxing class, & start punching you’ll start building momentum to keep moving and challenging your previous efforts.

  2. Break things down. If thinking that a full hour of boxing training is too overwhelming, divide it up into smaller chunks. Focusing on training for only 30 minutes at your own pace, Next time, try & train for 1 hour. Some exercise is better than none.

  3. Set goals. Define your fitness targets that will encourage you to focus your efforts and track your progress. Set realistic weight loss goals that challenge you eg: I want to lose 0.5kgs a week..

  4. Be positive. Use self-talk & positive affirmations to challenge your doubts. Believing that you can achieve your goal increases your chances of success, whether you’re trying to lose weight or boxing training to improve your fitness.

Maintaining Motivation:

5. Remember your why. There are many reasons for joining our 21-day challenge, so figure out the benefits that are most relevant to you. Maybe you want to improve your core muscles or you’re looking forward to dropping a dress.

6. Plan for setbacks. With boxing training there is likely to be a time when other events interfere with your workout plans. Decide in advance how you might cope with work, holidays or business travel & remember to start back on Monday.

7. Reward yourself. Give yourself something to look forward to. eg, Buy yourself a new dress or something small when you lose 2 kg.

8. Socialise . Team up with a workout buddy or and discuss your progress on social media with others who are trying to lose weight too. Share encouragement and feedback. Enthusiasm is contagious.

9. Practice mindfulness. Living in the present moment enriches any activity. This is especially true for boxing workouts. Giving your full attention to each movement will help you to maintain proper form, so that you can accomplish more and reduce your risk of injuries. 10. Make it a habit. Your body and mind will be primed to boxing training if you make the decision to work out in a more automatic or regimented way. Develop a regular routine every Monday & Wednesday 7pm attend boxing. Train the smart way by developing a positive mental attitude. When you’re mentally prepared to work out, boxing becomes easier and much more effective. You’ll reach your fitness goals and enjoy higher levels of energy and well being.

Garry Wasson copyright 2020.

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