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To be a boxing champion is not physical it is all mental ?

Updated: Jan 24

A winning mindset in boxing can make the difference between winning and losing. The common denominator between all winners in boxing is a winning mindset.

A successful boxer normally does not question himself IF he is going to win, it is WHEN he is going to win. There is no thought in his head of losing or the chance of losing. There are some effective ways to gain a winning mindset through :

Self talk / Positive affirmations.


Goal setting.

Self talk / Positive affirmations

will surprisingly take you a long way in achieving a winning mindset. Positive self-talk is not just patting yourself on the back and saying how good of a boxer you are, it involved productive thoughts in everything that you do.

An example of this would be instead of thinking how tiring this training is ,say to yourself how productive it has been. Self-talk is also good about phrasing things in a positive way when training or thinking about your performance. Instead of just thinking to yourself how awful you were today at boxing training, lifting weights, or whatever your doing. Psychologically frame it as learning experience or to look deeper and see what is bothering you to break your focus or concentration.


Visualisation has a large part to play in being a winner in a boxing bout. My Australian amateur boxing champions always used visualisation before a fight with great success.

Visualisation in boxing can also be used for training to improve skills. When you are taught a new skill or want to improve a skill. Stop for a minute and run it through your mind ,how you want the skill to look, work on clarity and control of the images.

Visualisation combined with physical training leads to quicker and greater development of skills than physical boxing training alone. When shadow boxing or using the punching bag, don't just throw punches but imagine there's an opponent in front of you. In a fight, you will go through different physical and mental demands. You may have to be aggressive, counter punch or hit and move, try and implement this on the punching bag.

Goal setting

Using goal setting techniques is key in having a winning mindset. As the old cliche "how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!" This means for you to having short small attainable goals within your overall big goal. Such by the end of the month I will be at my correct fighting weight. When your overall goal is to be the best lightweight boxer in the state.

A winning mindset effect on sports performance is critical as seen through self-talk, visualisation, and goal setting. With these techniques you not only have a winning mindset and increased confidence but also can improve your performance and have the edge to be a winner!

Garry Wasson has a diploma in sports psychology & has worked with Australia boxing champions as a sports motivator. copyright 2018.

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