Testimonials from personal training 

I Have been training hard for over a year and i have gone from 95kgs to 81kg, but for 6 months i was frustrated at not being able to lose anymore weight no matter how many hours i put into the gym every week. 

i work very long hours and trying to find extra time to exercise was becoming more difficult. I was already going to the gym 6 times a week and had two weekly personal training sessions at a gym. 

Then i met Garry Wasson  who has helped educate me about the value of proper nutrition and developed a training program that was a lot more efficient and beneficial for my busy schedule. After only 6 weeks on Garrys program i have now dropped the extra weight and i have moved from being obese into a healthy range.


What Garry has done for me in 6 weeks is more than what 2 other personal trainers could not achieve in 6 months.  I feel healthier, have more confidence and belief in myself thanks to Garry's support,motivation and training which is second to none.  Adam Parramatta  

Before i started training with Garry  Wasson i was overweight, unfit and believing i could handle myself on a street level due to my previous martial arts background. Now that i have trained under Garry’s ever watchful eye for only six months i have changed not only physically but also mentally.

 i have achieved a level of fitness and confidence i never thought possible in just six months.


My fitness and stamina have increased dramatically, this i known for many reasons one that stands out is i just completed the entry fitness test to get into the ARMY to become an infantry man.


The drill instructor that assessed us said " i was at the fitness level of the cadets who had just completed basic training at Kapooka" In all the years of various martial arts training i had done nothing had comes even close to the physical & mental preparation i was given by Garry.


Garry knowns how to train people from all levels of fitness. when i first started i was unfit & overweight but every week i was set new & realistic goals & always achieved them.


i can say with great confidence that if i had never started training with Garry there was no way i would have passed my fitness assessment. Training with Garry has changed my life forever, i have no doubt about that, Garry Wasson has helped me achieve one of my life’s goals in only six months.

Now i am in the army now i won’t be able to train with Garry but any opportunity i have i will not hesitate to book in a training session with him. 

So i would like to thank Garry Wasson for helping me change my life & also helping me achieve some of my life goals if anyone who has dreams or goals about changing their life physically & mentally i would strongly recommend you get off your butt and call Garry Wasson.

Inclosing and on a personal note, not only would i call Garry my Personal Trainer, my Motivator i would call him a mate.  Allen Penrith

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