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I Have been training hard for over a year and i have gone from 95kgs to 81kg, but for 6 months i was frustrated at not being able to lose anymore weight no matter how many hours i put into the gym every week. 

i work very long hours and trying to find extra time to exercise was becoming more difficult. I was already going to the gym 6 times a week and had two weekly personal training sessions at a gym. 

Then i met Garry Wasson  who has helped educate me about the value of proper nutrition and developed a training program that was a lot more efficient and beneficial for my busy schedule. After only 6 weeks on Garry's program i have now dropped the extra weight and i have moved from being obese into a healthy range.


What Garry has done for me in 6 weeks is more than what 2 other personal trainers could not achieve in 6 months.  I feel healthier, have more confidence and belief in myself thanks to Garry's support,motivation and training which is second to none.  Adam Parramatta  

"Thank you so much Garry and Xavier for all the effort that you put into every single one of us during your 21 day challenges. Without Blue cattle boxing I would probably be 10 kgs heavier. Instead today I celebrated losing 10.1kg since joining, something that seemed impossible from the very first class. Keep smashing goals everyone". Tracey

Before i started training with Garry  Wasson i was overweight, unfit and believing i could handle myself on a street level due to my previous martial arts background. Now that i have trained under Garry’s ever watchful eye for only six months i have changed not only physically but also mentally.

 i have achieved a level of fitness and confidence i never thought possible in just six months.


My fitness and stamina have increased dramatically, this i known for many reasons one that stands out is i just completed the entry fitness test to get into the ARMY to become an infantry man.


The drill instructor that assessed us said " i was at the fitness level of the cadets who had just completed basic training at Kapooka" In all the years of various martial arts training i had done nothing had comes even close to the physical & mental preparation i was given by Garry.


Garry knowns how to train people from all levels of fitness. when i first started i was unfit & overweight but every week i was set new & realistic goals & always achieved them.


i can say with great confidence that if i had never started training with Garry there was no way i would have passed my fitness assessment. Training with Garry has changed my life forever, i have no doubt about that, Garry Wasson has helped me achieve one of my life’s goals in only six months.

Now i am in the army now i won’t be able to train with Garry but any opportunity i have i will not hesitate to book in a training session with him. 

So i would like to thank Garry Wasson for helping me change my life & also helping me achieve some of my life goals if anyone who has dreams or goals about changing their life physically & mentally i would strongly recommend you get off your butt and call Garry Wasson.

Inclosing and on a personal note, not only would i call Garry my Personal Trainer, my Motivator i would call him a mate.  Allen Penrith

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