Winter Workout

Woman Boxing

 Boxing workout is designed to burn away the bodyfat for summer. 

 Many think of boxing as a predominantly upper-body workout. But that's not true. Boxing training is a functional workout working your legs with boxing footwork, your core muscles are activated by implementing the correct biomechanics when throwing a punch.


Our pectoral muscles in the chest also get a great workout. Fitness boxing is the combination of achieving both an incredible aerobic workout and intense resistance training at once. While powerfully engaging major muscle groups, the heart and lungs have to pump blood at an astonishing rate.

This stress increases a person's VO2 max, or maximum aerobic capacity. The muscle gained while boxing improves posture because strong muscle groups are important as we age.

Boxing Workout on is Tuesdays & Thursday 7pm to 8pm for 3 weeks cost only $60 payment due on first day of joining. We must have 10 people join or we will cancel the classes.